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Renzo Eusebi was born at Patrignone (A.P.) in 1946.

In the ‘60s he followed art studies in Rome, then classical studies and passed his exams to become a teacher. He was a teacher for about twenty years.

In the ‘70s and ‘80s he started his research to develop his own artistic personality and exhibited his works at important international fairs, so intensifying his presence in the Italian artistic panorama.

In the ‘90s he started working with the insertion of pieces of cloth, then, through several efforts and research and exalting his experimental use of material, he passed to tearing on monochrome colour surfaces, which was made more suggestive by clots mixed with vitreous substances, to wooden picture-sculpture and finally to iron sculpture.

In 1995 he created, together with other 21 artist, a movement called "Trans-visionism". He left the group in 1997 to enter G.A.D. (Gruppo Aniconismo Dialettico, founded by Giorgio Di Genova) with W. Coccetta, A. Di Girolamo and G. Leto.

Since 1998 he has been a member of San Carlo Gallery in Milano.